Thursday, October 1, 2015

[H-Games][ACT] UnHolY JaiL -Complete Edition- Ver1.20

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* Story 
Marianne, a spirit cleanser, journeyed into the gloom of a fortress to investigate several disappearances. She successfully freed her captured friends and villagers. However, in pursuing the enemy she ran out of power and was herself captured by the necromancer that ruled the fortress. 
In her vulnerable state Marianne couldn't stop the necromancer's curse. 
She was now completely powerless, trapped in a basement prison. But, she wasn't going to give up. 

* Game
Escape the basement prison as female protagonist Marianne in this stealth action game. 
UnHolY JaiL -Complete Edition- is the full version of the bonus game which is included in UnHolY SaNctuaRy, also sold separately. You can enjoy either game without knowing the story of the other. 
You don't have the strength to take enemies down directly, so you need to stay hidden and evade capture. 
If an enemy spots you, it will go into "alert" mode and pursue you. If caught, a special encounter will play out and Marianne will lose stamina. When her stamina reaches zero, the game is over. 
You may continue from a game over as often as you like, restarting from the last checkpoint of the current area. 
Special sequences are crafted from pixel animation and illustrations. 

* Contents
28 special encounters / game over scenes 
(partial list of examples: hybrid humanoid sex, tentacles sex, gadget sex, handcuff bondage, etc.) 
4 endings depending on escape routes and special encounters
Simple controls suited to casual players; no keyboard-mapped platforming, jumping, etc.
Puzzles have in-game hints to make solutions as easy as possible to understand 
Chapter select lets you replay any area you've already finished 
Likewise, gallery mode lets you watch special encounters any time after the first

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