Tuesday, November 11, 2014

[H-Games][ACT] Pegasus Knight X

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The S-U-P-E-R erotic + action RPG! Female knight 16bit gaming meets X-rated glory! 
There's tentacles! There's bestiality! There's hardcore! There's lesbians! There's creampies! 
Gasp at her bondage. Revel at her onani. Cum to her pregnancy. 

Pegasus Knight was deceived by the leader of Paipan Village and tumbled into the den of lust monsters. 
Discover new skills as you level up, use the Gargoyle Shop, plunder the dungeon for dropped treasure, 
equip powerful gear! Collect magic scrolls and useful herbs, unravel the dungeon mystery, 
and escape to the world's surface. 

Monsters dash the clothes right off Pegasus's cute body, and have loads of naughty attacks. 
Scenes that you see once will be saved in the Ecchi Archive, and can be rewatched anytime from the title screen. 
Fill up the archive with all 84 discoverable entries. 

All sex scenes are fully voiced by one of three (three!) voice actresses. 
Choose your favorite and get questing. 

* Not a fan of gaming? 
For those who prefer the action to play itself, we added Cheatchan the balance breaker. 
Go talk to Cheatchan and take your pick of perks, whether it's money or experience, items, 
turning off enemy attacks for a while, etc. But be aware Cheatchan also doles out a 
small penalty. You'll still be abe to see 100% of all sex scenes, don't worry. 

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